First Kalima The Word of Purity Tayyabah Meaning In Urdu And English

What Is Kalima Tayabb:

The Word of Purity (Tayyabah) Islam first requirement is perception and then action. The Islamic Creed the first pillar of Islam, la-ILAHA-ILLA-ALLAH, MUHAMMADUR-RASUL-ULLAH. (i.e. there may be no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah).

“A believer is like a brick for another believer, the only supports the opposite.” (Sahi-Muslim)


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Kalima Tayabb FIRST PILLAR


  • Translation: “Only those are believers who believe in Allah and His Apostle.” (Al-Quran, 24:62)
  • Translation: “So believe in Allah and His Apostle, say not trinity.” (Al-Quran, 4:171)
  • Translation: “O you who believe! Believe in Allah and His Apostle.” (Al-Quran, 4:136)
  • Translation: “So believe in Allah and His Apostle; and if you believe and do right, you have a reward without measure.” (Al-Quran, 3:179)


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